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Charcoal Packaging

Charcoal Packaging, Charcoal Box

Charcoal Packaging

The good packaging help to preserve inside goods well. The packing show the name, style, full instruction of the label. With charcoal, there are some mains of packages: PP Woven Bag, Carton Box, Kraft Box.
PP Woven Bag, white or printed bag is the most traditional way for charcoal packaging. It usually use for wood charcoal with the big advantage of cheap price.
Paper Kraft mainly use for coconut briquette charcoal. Unlike its plastic, paper packaging does not damage the environment. Paper packaging can be 100 per cent recyclable and is easy to recycle for customers – packaging can simply be disposed of in home recycling bins, unlike many types of ‘recyclable’ plastic.
Paper packaging is also an excellent way to promote your brand ethos. With more and more consumers looking to spend their money ethically, positioning your brand as environmentally friendly can give sales a boost. Packaging products in paper communicates your sustainable values.
Using Carton Box is the good way to care handle charcoal, it help charcoal not easy to break. It widely use for coconut briquette charcoal, sawdust briquette charcoal, binchotan & wood charcoal also.
Carton Printing Technolody is has great process. Promote your brand by carton box is also good idea.

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