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What happens to the demand for charcoal when the winter is coming?

What happens to the demand for charcoal when the winter is coming?
The winter is coming.
The winter usually starts from September or November to February or March in the next year. That means this year's winter is coming very close. In the present time, when the war between Russia and Ukraine happens, the gas prices have gone up very high, especially in European countries. Consumers began to turn to look for new sources to replace. That's why charcoal is now becoming a hot search for fuel importers from countries around the world.
Besides, the winter coming, the trend of barbecue cuisine increases the demand for charcoal. Japan and Korea are two countries with a lot of coastline, seafood is a regular dish and most of them are grilled, so they need a lot of charcoal. Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Iran, Oman, Turkey..., the demand for charcoal is always high. European countries are regions with long-cold winters, they need a large amount of charcoal to use for home heating systems… Recently, due to the lack of supply, these countries have turned to imports from Asia, in which Vietnam is a good source. So this item is becoming very "hot" in the market world.
What type of charcoal should you choose?

Currently, we are supplying 4 main types of charcoal: Black charcoal, Sawdust briquettes charcoal, Coconut briquettes charcoal and White charcoal (Binchotan).
For BBQ, usually all 4 types of charcoal we are providing are suitable for grilling food. Depending on the market, customers prefer the different types of charcoal. For example, the black charcoal is often consumed mainly in Australia, America, Europe... Sawdust briquettes charcoal is mainly consumed in countries in the Middle East, Australia..Coconut briquettes charcoal attracts many customers in Europe, America interesting. And white charcoal (binchotan) is mainly consumed in Korea, Japan and some countries in Europe.
For home heating system, we recommend using Sawdust briquettes charcoal for heating. This charcoal is produced from natural wood sawdust through the process of burning, annealing and processing according to Japanese technology. Especially, when burning, they give high heat, long burning time and is specially smokeless, odorless, does not produce harmful gases. Charcoal is used for heating, and deodorizing very effectively.
- Less ash, high heat, long burning time.
- Odorless, completely smokeless
- Very low sulfur content, meeting clean coal standards, beneficial to human health.
- Clean ingredients, no toxic substances.
- Can be reused if not used up

--> At the present time, this is the big season and the demand for charcoal is with the bulk quantity. If you have a need to buy and need advice. Please contact us. We will provide the best support with the most reasonable price for you. Contact us now!


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