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Supply varies of high quality charcoal products


ThangLong Capital JSC is a leading manufacturer and exporter of branded and private label charcoal. We are producing and supplying all kind of charcoal in Vietnam.
Based on origin factory from 2008, we are at top of Vietnam producers and proud to offer the abundant range of charcoal for your grilling barbecue/ burnning/ warming/ water purifier,.. Our quality is being accepted by almost fastidious markets: EU, US, AU, Japan, Korea, proved by the variety of certificates.
Vina stands for Vietnam. We are VINACHARCOAL, charcoal made in Vietnam, made by Vietnamese and made for the whole world. Our Trademark “VinaCharcoal” registered and  completely reserved.




  • 100% natural, keep original flavor
  • Commit to specification and quality as agreed
  • Full clean package at the standard of exporting
  • OEM service available


  • 100% prompt delivery
  • Booking multiservice: ocean freight/ air cargo/ express/ train across countries
  • Strict process of surveying before/during loading
  • After-sales service provided


  • Responsible Repurposing of unused lumber wood
  • Balance the manufacture with saving environment
  • Supporting Vietnamese Workers in both North and South of Vietnam

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+84 24 2280 0999