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“To be aware of increasingly big demand of High Quality Charcoal for good health and friendly environment, ThangLong Capital was established to supply this product. Being the original factory, we have our own factory of charcoal, so we self-control in quality and quantity, our price is always most affordable in the market. Approved by Office of Intellectual Property, our Trademark “VinaCharcoal” was completely registered for high quality charcoal products.
We are the leader and pioneer in kilning, direct export and domestic distribution charcoal and other fuels in Vietnam. Our factory with more than 250 charcoal kilns is located near economic forest with exploited reserve one million tons in Southern of Vietnam. We kiln a large range of wood, including hardwood, softwood and coconut shell. Our production capacity is 2,500 tons per month along with skilled workers, so we can deal with big orders and complicated packing. For more than forteen-years experience of export charcoal, we have good relationship with shipping lines, so we are able to book containers to all over the world. Our main markets are Mid-East, Australia, Korea, EU and USA and Japan.

Our headquarter

Address: 8/443 Doi Can Str., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84 24 22800999 ; Fax: +84 24 36800999
Email: charcoal@thaloca.com

Here is Video capture of factory

+84 24 2280 0999