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What should we do when BBQ charcoal Briquets do not light up with a lighter?

Lighter is the basic tool to make the fire, but it is not aways working when we want to light the BBQ charcoal briquets up to grill. These 3 tips will help you solve the problem:


1/ The best method to light up the BBQ Briquets is to use the chimney.

This is also the method that we highly recommended. Initially, BBQ briquets should be placed in the top of the chimny. In the bottom, we put some news paper/ shredded paper bag and we then light the paper. The chimney will focus the heat long enough for the BBQ briquets to ignite.

 2/ Using own fancy charcoal/fire starters.

We can take advantage of toilet paper tubes, paper egg cartons, and dryer lint.. etc to create fire starters. The lighter itself can not set fire to the BBQ Briquets, but believe me, these handmade stuffs could easily help you to solve the problem.

3/ Using lighter fluid to light BBQ Briquets

Lighter fluid could be used for charcoal lighting. First step, we place the BBQ briquettes in the mound in the grill, the Briquettes should be then doused with a good amount of charcoal fluid . After five minutes, we put a little bit more of the fluid on and then light it.  Then you will see the result.
We do not recommend this method because of petroleum stink of lighter fluid which would affect to the taste of BBQ.

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