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The difference between BINCHOTAN (white charcoal) and black charcoal

The selling price of white charcoal ( Binchotan ) is always much higher than hardwood black charcoal,For examples sometimes even made from the same eucalyptus tree, but eucalyptus white charcoal is twice as expensive as black ones. So why is there this difference? What is white charcoal and which are its advantages? Why is white charcoal so expensive? Let's read the following article to understand.


1.Differences in production processes of black charcoal and white charcoal


The black charcoal burning process is divided into 3 steps. 

The first is the phase that needs strong burning at a temperature of 400-700 degrees Celsius to dry water from the wood, lasting from 3-5 days depending on the type of wood and the experience of the worker. Phase 2: After the wood has been dried (identified by the smell of smoke), the chimney is sealed (only about 5 cm away) to burn coal in an oxygen-deficient environment for 8 to 10 days. Phase 3: Completely close the door and chimney to finish the burning process,  then wait for the charcoal furnace turn off and cool down for about 11 days. When cooling completely, the charcoal will be discharged from the oven.  

Coffee Black Charcoal

For white charcoal, the wood drying process is exactly the same as that of black charcoal. However, while black charcoal is burned in an oxygen-deficient environment by closing the chimney and furnace door,  white charcoal is burned at a high temperature about 1200 degrees (Open the door completely to provide oxygen). The charcoal will then be cooled quickly in a large tank with a mixture of soil, sand and sealed.

Therefore, the volume of white coal obtained will be very little compared to the volume of hardwood charcoal. This is also one of the reasons for its high price.

Eucalyptus Binchotan White Charcoal
Eucalyptus Binchotan White Charcoal

2. Content of bincho charcoal and black charcoal



White charcoal


Black Charcoal

Fixed Carbon (%)


70 -75%

Ash (%)


7- 8%

Volatiles (%)

< 3%

25- 30%


The high carbon content of white charcoal shows that the white charcoal can extend the burning time up to 4-5 hours while the burning time of black charcoal is about 3.5 hours. 

According to the analysis of Japanese scientists, the nitrogen and sulfur content of charcoal are two environmental pollutants. The content of these in white charcoal is about 3 times lower than black charcoal. Therefore, using white charcoal will reduce the amount of toxic gas emitted in the burning process. 

3. What are the special benefits of binchotan Charcoal? 


White charcoal has a number of outstanding benefits that black charcoal does not have. It has a special chemical structure of carbon molecules that is used to filter water and absorb harmful chemicals in domestic water systems.

White charcoal is also used to beautify the skin and hair by putting in the bath, it acts as a cleansing mask.

White charcoal is also used to absorb moisture and dirt powder in the air. In addition, recent studies also show that white charcoal has the ability to absorb electromagnetic waves emitted from electronic devices that we use every day. Therefore, always holding a white charcoal along with us is a way for us to protect our own health. 

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