Sawdust charcoal

How to make white bichotan charcoal

     Basic principle: Due to human research and application from the discovery of charcoal caused by volcanic lava eruptions covering the former forests. The difference is the product of the burning process of wood sticks (the fresher the better the better) in an incomplete anaerobic environment, separating the carbon from the organic root components in the tree.
1. Production process:
      Wood sticks (fresh) are cut most commonly into 80cm long segments, the big stem and trunk are cut with an average diameter of 30-50cm. Wood sticks are placed in the furnace and then ignited at the furnace door (like the black coal tunneling process).
      When the wood stick have ignited, the furnace door will be gradually closed so that the wood stick burn in an anaerobic environment, until all the wood stick in the furnace are completely charred, it will switch to the charcoal making process by opening the furnace door to supply oxygen. 
      The charcoal in the furnace will burn in a temperature period of about 1000˚C. At this time, the charcoal will be carefully transferred to the furnace so as not to fall and break, the burning charcoal are filled into iron barrels. Immediately after that, sand is poured and sealed and the mouth of the barrel is sealed during the process until the charcoal is extinguished and cooled.
2. Thermochemical stages
- Charoal tunneling stage: 6-8 days and the furnace temperature is 500-700˚C (Black charoal stage)
- Charcoal smelting stage: 5-7 hours and the furnace temperature 900-1100˚C (White charoal stage)
- Cooling phase: 2-3 days, charoal temperature is below 40˚C
3. You can refer to the kiln system:
      Charoal kiln system, furnaces are often built continuously, smoke can collect smoke concentrated on the top. There are 2 sizes of universal furnaces for 5 tons or 8 tons of firewood. In addition, there are iron furnaces or electric furnaces, but they are not popular because the current quality is not equal to that of masonry kilns and the electricity costs are also higher, charcoal efficiency is from 8-12%.



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