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Mangrove Charcoal, Is It The Best Grill Barbeque Charcoal?

Mangrove Charcoal, Is It The Best Grill Barbeque Charcoal?

Mangrove – the name is very popular in charcoal field. It is used in restaurant for the perfect grill plate or in family with the picnic weekend or in house with outdoor barbeque & cooking. The scientific name of the mangrove tree is Rhizophora apiculata Blume, belonging to the family Rhizophoraceae. Mangrove is a round woody plant with a diameter of 30-45cm, gray-brown color, the average height of the mangrove is 20-35m. Growing up in the draconic terrains, mangrove is the solid hard wood. As the results, Mangrove Charcoal is very hard and dense; it burns hotter and longer if compared to any other natural charcoal. 
Specification of Grill Mangrove Charcoal                                                                        
Packing Style
  • Moisture content :2.39%
  • Ash content: 2.04%
  • Volatile matter content :21.95%
  • Fixed carbon content :76.01%
  • Calorific value : 7905 kcal/kg
  • Burning time: 4-5 hours
  • PP/POPP bag 5 kg
  • PP/POPP bag 10 kg
  • PP/POPP bag 15 kg
  • Carton box 10 kg
  • Carton box 20 kg

Restaurants often select it since it is odourless and low-moisture content and various other characteristics. It does not interfere with the aroma of their cuisine. It provides long burn times and high heat combustion with low spark and smoke levels. Because the mangrove is a natural timber, this charcoal is eco-friendly. Moreover, it also used in shisha hookah because of the heat maintenance in small pieces.


Mangrove Charcoal, Is It The Best Grill Wood Charcoal?

To compare with other natural wood charcoal, mangrove charcoal get the higtlight of funtions. Longan wood charcoal has proved very popular. Longan charcoal has nearly same characteristics. The big difference between mangrove & longan is the size & shape of charoal. Mangrove usually has the long & straight, meanwhile, the shape of longan quite scabrous. Other woods like: eucalyptus, pomelo citrus, coffee, khaya…., they burn shorter. Actually, there is no charcoal is not good, the relevancy is the most impotant. Please contact us for the best advice for your market. We guarantee satisfaction with each order, and we strive to provide effective, courteous customer service. We will help you to success in your market.




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