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How To Make Super Premium Quality Sawdust Briquette?

Briquette charcoal is made of sawdust is really valuable products because of it's uses and environmentally friendly function. Making the charcoal from sawdust which is made from Sustainable Natural Resources, is considered as a good fuel source for both industrial and residential. It is one of the preferred BBQ charcoal because it is smokeless and odor free. It has a long-lasting energy effect and can be used in industries making metals such as steel.
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Production Process
Firstly, the sawdust for charcoal need to be into about 5-millimeter( sifting and crushing). Then pass the crushed materials through a large drum dryer to remove its moisture content( 150-200˚C).
After that, feed the sawdust into the pressing briquette machine. Compress the Biomass briquette machine under high pressure and temperature (200-250˚C ).The glue by lignin content liberated due to high pressure and temperatures, which creates high-density briquettes.
Once the biomass has been briquetted, they are placed into the carbonization furnace ( 600-700˚C). The briquette will be burned in an anaerobic environment. After blending, cooling them and reducing its moisture content to less than 5 %,the charcoal briquettes are classified and ready be stored.
With skilled craftsmen and updated technology, Vinacharcoal always keeps trying to improve our charcoal making process in order to meet customer satisfaction.
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