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Longan charcoal

Longan charcoal is the best sell charcoal, it is popular in Mid-East and Australia for Barbecue  usage, White ash and no smoke. It is recommended to be value for money for Grill BBQ charcoal.

*Model No.: HD-1

*Material: Longan wood

Product Description

Longan charcoal is good quality Grill BBQ charcoal, high calorific value and long burning time, White ash and no smoke.

*Specification of Longan charcoal

Moisture content :1.75%
Ash content: 2.72%
Volatile matter content :28.17%
Fixed carbon content :69.11%
Calorific value : 7216 kcal/kg
Burning time: 3.5 – 4 hours

*Dimension of Longan charcoal

- Shape: Round stick

- Diameter: 3-8 cm

- Length: cut as customer’s request (15-20 cm)


10kg; 15kg; 20kg; 25kg/ PP bag (Poly-Propylene bags).

3kg; 4kg; 5kg/ paper bag.

10kg; 12kg; 15kg, 20kg/ carton box.

- OEM service: Print logo and design in accordance with customer requirement.

*Supply Capacity: 500 tons/month

*MOQ: 1×40'HC

*Loading capacity: 25 tons/40'HC

*Payment term: L/C at sight or TT Deposit

*Delivery time: 10 days